New LinkedIn Feature Allows Real Estate Brands to Better Engage Online

In case you missed it - LinkedIn now allows businesses to comment and react on posts as their company page, expanding how you can engage with potential clients and colleagues.
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LinkedIn has introduced an exciting new feature, which may be familiar to real estate agents with a Facebook business page. For agents and brokerages with a LinkedIn company page, you can now comment and react on posts across LinkedIn as your business page.

This new feature offers a fantastic way for real estate agents and brokerages to engage and offer insight as their company or team – expanding your reach to new untapped audiences. 

Having the ability to engage across LinkedIn as your team or brokerage enables you the ability to connect directly with potential clients and recruits. This further positions LinkedIn as a platform real estate agents should be utilizing and familiarizing themselves with as they look to grow their real estate businesses online.

Mary Yang, LinkedIn Director of Product & WIP, said, “By engaging in more conversations, your organization can get in front of new audiences and attract more Page followers. We’re excited to offer brands the ability to join more conversations on desktop and to bring this feature to mobile devices soon.”

To utilize this tool, simply navigate to the post you wish to comment on or engage with, click on your profile picture on the bottom left side of the post, and select your business page from the drop-down menu. Now you can interact as your business page instead of your personal one.

LinkedIn Post showing how to change from personal to business page.

Do you like the addition of this feature? Do you see it as a valuable tool for growing your real estate business on LinkedIn?

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