Drone Videography & Photography Services

Grab attention and add a tool to your listing presentations with our drone videography, video tour, and photography services.

Grab Attention

Bring an audience to your next listing

Social media has ushered in a non-stop competition for the attention of prospective home buyers. To combat the never-ending scroll of the social media feed, today’s agents must embrace new and exciting ways of showcasing their listings.

We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Sharonov Official to bring high definition drone videography and photography, as well as home video tour services to our clients. With these services, you can be sure that all eyes will be on your listing, instead of the competition.

Drone Video Tours

Striking video from the air and engaging video from the ground - our drone video tours showcase the full range of what your listing has to offer. Going inside and out, these tours will be sure to wow potential buyers and impress your clients.

Home Video Tours

Shot from the ground, our home video tours provide potential buyers with a high definition trip through your listing. Making sure to capture the most desirable features and aspects the home has to offer.

Aerial Photography

High-resolution aerial images showcase your property from unique and attention-grabbing angles. Highlighting not just the home, but the lot, the neighborhood, and the surrounding area.

White Kitchen Tour

What's Included?

Each of our video packages includes synced music and informational overlays, which highlight the property’s features and guides the audience from room to room. Company logos and agent contact information is included in all our tour packages, giving potential buyers an actionable step if they have interest in the listing. We additionally offer options for the listing agent to narrate their video tour, either on or off-screen. Tours typically run between 90 seconds and 2 minutes in length.

Real Estate Drone Video, Tour & Photo Packages

Photo Pack

Choose from our packages of high-resolution drone photography. Our shoots are designed to capture the best your listing has to offer.

Home Tours

Our home tour packages include interior and exterior video from ground level. Each tour has synced music and informational overlays.

Drone Tours

From the ground and the air, our drone tour packages capture your listing from every angle inside and out. Synced to music and with informational overlays.

Need Something Different?

Contact us and we would be happy to discuss putting together a custom package for your listing.

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