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Listing Promos

An exclusive marketing program for RE/MAX Innovative Properties Agents.

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Run Your Ad

A custom targeted ad campaign for your listings. Reach likely buyers in your local market and add value to your listing presentations.

*You will be billed by your admins when participating in this program

How does it work?


Let us know about your listing and what features you would like to see highlighted in your promo. Tell us about your likely buyer for your property so we can better target your ad.


We have designed multiple modern listing ads that were made specifically for this program. We accompany each ad graphic with property info and your contact information, and link each ad to its listing sheet on the company website.


We use specific geo and demographic targeting to put your listings in the best position to be seen by potential buyers. We advertise on both Facebook & Instagram, which are two of the largest social media platforms in the world.


In a typical 5-Day promo we see thousands of unique views and dozens of ad clicks!

Hands-Off Approach

Enjoy the hands-off approach of the automated programs like AdWerx? Just let us know the property and we will determine the best course of action for your promo while still giving you the same tailored marketing experience.

Presentation Inserts

Download our co-branded presentation inserts and let your clients know you have the backing of a dedicated real estate marketing firm.