Meta Introduces New Training Programs For Small Businesses

Meta has introduced a new program on Facebook called "Meta Boost Small Business Studios," a "new digital marketing resource hub and event series" which offers marketing education designed to help you grow your business on Facebook and Instagram.
Meta Boost

With each real estate agent being their own small business, effectively marketing themselves online is critical to growing their brand and obtaining new clients. Not all agents have the funds to hire a marketing professional, so a free resource hub offered by Meta to help agents develop their business is exciting news. 

Meta stated in a blog post that “…we discovered that content creation and creative strategy are among the top pain points for entrepreneurs when growing their businesses. Knowing this, Meta Boost Small Business Studios was born to help small businesses build creative digital marketing skills.”

Some of the new informational videos already posted are – 

  • Build Your Brand workshop: An online workshop providing creative inspiration and branding guidance to small businesses using Facebook and Instagram. This workshop champions a customer mindset and dives in on business branding, how to build copy and creative when creating a post and then deciding what to post.
  • Reels School: A course designed for small businesses to simplify Reels creation while expanding their audience reach and helping achieve business goals.

There are also additional training courses for advertising, growing your business, and engaging your community, with more programs planned for the future. In addition, you can also sign up for 1-on-1 support and speak directly with the Meta Small Business Team. 

Seeing Meta adding resources to help small businesses market themselves better is fantastic, especially for our friends in the real estate industry who want to grow themselves online. But if you don’t have the time and want the marketing done for you, check out our website and see how we can help.

With that said, what do you think of this new program Meta is offering? Can you see yourself using it? Let us know by following us on social media.

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