LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Posts, in Latest Upgrade to the Platform

LinkedIn announced they are in the testing phase of adding image and video carousels to the platform - one of many changes made by social media in recent weeks to help improve their user experience. 
LinkedIn on Cellphone

In a post last week, Jake Poses, the Lead for Video, Creators & Events at LinkedIn, announced carousels, “…a new way to share a series of swipeable photos and/or videos on Linkedin. We built carousels to empower creators to share knowledge in a more visual way to inform, inspire and connect with their followers on LinkedIn.”

This feature comes on the heels of a busy month for LinkedIn. Announcements were made to improve brand engagement, introduce new lead gen tools, and add new tools for creators. Indicating the B2B platform is committed to enhancing its user’s experience and improving the way they engage and share information. 

Carousels are a posting format that includes a series of images or videos, which allow you to present information in an easily digestible way. You may have seen carousel posts already on Instagram or Facebook. Users can swipe or scroll through your post and consume your content like they are being shown a slide show. This enables you to create longer-form, visual content, to capture and keep your audience’s attention and get your message across. 

Credit: LinkedIn

For my real estate agent friends, this is just another tool in your arsenal for networking and cultivating relationships on LinkedIn. Communicating your message effectively is essential to growing your connections and establishing trust with your audience.

Carousel posts are currently in the testing phase, according to LinkedIn, with a broader rollout scheduled for later in the fall. We are certainly excited to try out the new feature once it becomes available, as we will always welcome new ways to communicate and engage online.

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