Will You Soon be Able to Create Open House Events on Instagram?

A leaked image indicates that an event planner may be coming to Instagram, potentially opening more opportunities for real estate agents to advertise their open houses and other events.
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According to a leaked image, covered by DIG, Instagram may be planning to implement an event planner on their platform. The image (see below) shows a new post type called “Plan an event” and a subsequent tab that offers options for “location,” “date and time,” and “guests.” If true, this would be a welcomed addition to the tools Instagram offers.

Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter

You are probably already familiar with events if you use Facebook. With Facebook and Instagram being owned by Meta, we could assume that Instagram’s event planner may have similar functionality. Such as the ability to add images, videos, descriptions, a guest list, and post updates about the event. We will also likely see the ability to create ads, allowing users to extend the reach of their events to even more people. 

For us, marketers and real estate agents, a way to advertise and collect registrations for events, such as open houses, would greatly aid our listing marketing efforts, in addition to the potential lead generation benefits.  

As of now, this is only a leaked feature, and we are not sure how far along in development it may be. So, keep an eye out for an official announcement from Instagram on a timetable for the event planner.

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