LinkedIn Adds Clickable Story-Esque Link Stickers to Image Posts

LinkedIn has created a new way to drive traffic to your website, blog, newsletter, or listing with the introduction of clickable link stickers. Similar to what you would be accustomed to seeing on an Instagram Story, clickable links give users a new way to garner engagement and traffic from their audience.
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LinkedIn has undoubtedly been on a run as of late, introducing a medley of new features such as carousel postslead gen tools, and now clickable link stickers. These clickable links can be titled and put on top of an image post, giving you a new way to direct your audience to your desired landing page or website.

Geri Silver, Creator Manager at LinkedIn, said in a post, “We’re rolling out the ability to add a clickable link to your posts. Whether you’re sharing resources, job listings, or driving sales or sign-ups, you can now convert audiences more easily by adding a clickable link.”

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This new feature will benefit my real estate friends, who often utilize visually appealing imagery such as listing photos. You will now be able to place a link accompanied by your desired call-to-action right on top of that beautiful shot of the chef’s kitchen at your new listing. Or, if you have a newsletter, you can share some eye-catching photos and link directly to it from the image instead of sharing a link in the text section of your post.

We see this as an excellent feature for many industries. It will allow users to be creative with their photos, graphics, and call-to-actions while driving more traffic to their desired destination alone.

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