New Twitter Feature Could Mean Big Marketing Changes for REALTORS

In case you missed it - Twitter has announced that they are testing a new posting feature called "Notes." A new way to tweet, allowing users to create long-form, blog-style content on Twitter.
Twitter App on Phone

This change could considerably impact how real estate agents market themselves and their listings on Twitter. Twitter is known for its bite-sized, easily digestible content of 280 characters or less. While this is great for sharing quick thoughts and updates, it does not lend itself to diving into the depths of a new listing or significant company updates.

“Notes” looks like it has the potential to be the answer to Twitter’s current limitations on long-form content. 

Writer Rembert Browne, testing the new “Notes” feature, posted, “There are situations, however, where threads aren’t enough. From the rise of the screenshot announcement Tweet to the newsletter boom, a new reality became clear: people were writing long elsewhere, and then coming to Twitter to share their work and for the conversation surrounding all those words.”

So, what exactly are “Notes?” In that same post, Browne writes – 

“Notes are pieces of writing and content that you create on Twitter.

A few features of Notes (Not “Twitter Notes,” Notes):

  • Going beyond 280 characters
  • Embedding photos and videos and GIFs and Tweets.
  • Publishing Notes, readable on and off Twitter.
  • Editing Notes, pre and post-publish.
  • A Notes tab on your profile that holds your published work.”
Example of Twitter Notes
Credit: Twitter

Notes shows itself to have many potential benefits for the real estate industry, from being able to write more, embed photos, and be read both on and off of Twitter. Also, giving agents who want to share experiences, write guides, how-tos, etc., the avenue to do so.

We are excited to see this feature roll out to more people over the year, but what are your thoughts? Do you like the addition of this feature? Do you see it as a valuable tool for growing your real estate business and sharing valuable information on Twitter?

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