Facebook Video Collabs Will Help Agents Team up to Reach a Wider Audience

Facebook has launched a new tool within its Creator Studio called Facebook Collabs, which allows two pages to be credited on a video post. This feature opens up fresh marketing opportunities for real estate agents.
Credit: Facebook

On the heels of Twitter testing their new CoTweets feature, Facebook Collabs is Meta’s latest tool in the Facebook Creator Studio, enabling multiple Facebook pages to co-publish a video posting. This new feature is particularly exciting for the real estate world because it permits agents and affiliate services to expand their reach on the platform, making collaborating easier and more efficient.

Here is what Facebook had to say about the new feature, “With this tool, a creator can invite a second creator to publish a single piece of video content together. If the second creator accepts, the post will publish on both collaborator’s pages. Collaborators will share the same distribution for the content, and be able to view shared insights, such as reach and engagement, within Creator Studio.”

With both pages “sharing the same distribution,” new or growing agent pages could gain more views, engagements, and followers if they collaborate with a more established agent or brokerage. We could see a scenario where a real estate agent with a large following hosts a listing video for a newer agent, essentially granting them access to their followers and helping them to reach more people. 

Facebook collaborator prompt
Credit: Facebook Creator Studio

How to set up a Facebook Collabs post (Guide from Meta Business Help Center)

  1. Open Creator Studio.
  2. Begin composing a video post. Upload your video, and enter in details.
  3. In the Create tab, click Show more.
  4. Turn on the toggle for Tags and collaborator.
  5. Type in the text field to search for a collaborator. A list of matching results will show up in the Collaborator list. You can search by both name and Page URL.
  6. Add your collaborator.
  7. Click Next to continue with your post.

Note: The first time you tag a collaborator, you will see information about extending a collaboration invite. After you dismiss the education dialog, you will see a banner with a text link to open the education content again if needed.

Full guide here.

It is fantastic to see Meta expanding how real estate agents and other businesses market themselves online. We see a lot of ways for agents to grow their business with this feature if utilized correctly.

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