CMA: LinkedIn Upgrades its Features & Twitter Wants us to Tweet Together

Our CMA (Competitive Marketing Analysis) is a weekly wrap-up of the most recent news in digital marketing and how it correlates to, and can benefit your real estate business. 
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This week LinkedIn makes it easier for brands and businesses to engage and generate leads, while Twitter has entered the public testing phase of a new feature that will allow its users to coauthor Tweets. Are you enjoying these articles? Consider signing up for our newsletter and getting the most recent digital marketing news delivered to your inbox every Monday!

New LinkedIn Feature Allows Real Estate Brands to Better Engage Online

Businesses can now comment and engage with other users’ posts as their company pages on LinkedIn, expanding how you can engage potential customers and colleagues.

“By engaging in more conversations, your organization can get in front of new audiences and attract more Page followers,” said Mary Yang, LinkedIn Director of Product & WIP

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Twitter is Testing a New Feature Opening Up New Collaboration Opportunities For REALTORS

Twitter has begun testing a new feature called “CoTweets,” allowing multiple users to have ownership of a single Tweet. CoTweets may provide new collaboration opportunities for real estate agents and their affiliate services. 

“We’re testing CoTweets for a limited time to learn how people and brands may use this feature to grow and reach new audiences, and strengthen their collaborations with other accounts.” A Twitter spokesperson stated via TechCrunch

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LinkedIn Introduces New Lead Generation Tool 

Brokerages with a company page on LinkedIn can create a lead generation form using the “Lead Gen Forms” tool. The form includes customizable text and a call-to-action. Agents or prospects visiting your brokerage’s company page can submit their contact info through an auto-filled form.

“Our products are constantly changing and evolving to enable platform users to expand their reach and engage even more users and potential customers via quality, targeted content,” said Mary Yang, LinkedIn Director of Product & WIP

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BONUS – How to Set Up a Google Business Profile For Real Estate Agents

Google Business Profiles are a fantastic way for real estate agents to grow and promote their business online. With each agent operating as their own brand and business, it is essential to make sure that they are representing themselves as such while online.

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