CMA: Google Ads Goes Down, and Instagram Makes Major Content Shift

Our CMA (Competitive Marketing Analysis) is a weekly wrap-up of the most recent news in digital marketing and how it correlates to, and can benefit your real estate business. 
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This week Google Ads experienced multiple outages, calling results into question, and Instagram decided to make Reels its primary form of video content. Are you enjoying these articles? Consider signing up for our newsletter and getting the most recent digital marketing news delivered to your inbox every Monday!

Your Google Ads May Be Inaccurate, as Google Ads Goes Down Multiple Times

Google Ads reported outages on Friday, July 15th, and Tuesday, July 19th. These outages could affect your listing and promotional campaign results if you use automated marketing services such as Megaphone, Adwerx, Homesnap, etc., which advertise on Google on your behalf.

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Instagram Rolls Out New Map Search Feature

CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Instagram would be rolling out a new map search feature, allowing users to discover popular local businesses. A new way for real estate brokerages to reach more clients and expand their online presence.

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All New Instagram Videos Under 15 Minutes Will be Shared as Reels

Instagram announced in a blog post that all new videos under 15 minutes posted on the platform will be shared as Reels, a change that will take place starting in the coming weeks. This shift in content delivery should have Real Estate Agents rethinking their video strategy for the platform.

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Bonus – How to Set Up a Google Business Profile For Real Estate Agents

Google Business Profiles are a fantastic way for real estate agents to grow and promote their business online. With each agent operating as their own brand and business, it is essential to make sure that they are representing themselves as such while online.

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