LinkedIn Introduces New Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn has introduced a new lead generation tool that could help real estate brokerages in their online recruiting efforts.
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Lead Gen Forms is a new tool on LinkedIn that allows businesses with a company page to add a form to their page with customizable text, and a call-to-action. Agents or prospects visiting your brokerage’s company page can submit their contact info through an auto-filled form. You can then download the submitted information to a CSV file to use in a CRM program or to store offline.

Mary Yang, LinkedIn Director of Product & WIP, said, “Our products are constantly changing and evolving to enable platform users to expand their reach and engage even more users and potential customers via quality, targeted content.”

How To Set Up LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen Forms

  1. Access your Page admin view.
  2. Click the  Edit Page button.
  3. From the Leads section on the left, click Lead gen form.
  4. Turn on the toggle next to Lead gen form.
  5. Select a call-to-action from the Choose your CTA dropdown.
  6. Enter your Privacy policy URL (required).
  7. Enter your Headline and Body Copy.
  8. Click the Save button in the top right.

After members fill out your Lead Gen Form, you can download your leads:

  1. Access your Page admin view.
  2. Click Analytics on the top menu, then select Leads from the dropdown. 

The Lead Gen Form will appear below the About section of your Page.

LinkedIn continues expanding its features and positioning itself as a must-use platform for real estate agents and brokerages. 

Do you like the addition of this feature? Do you see it as a valuable tool for growing your real estate business on LinkedIn?

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